Best Practice

Over the past few years, students have been dedicated participants in the Viducation Project, producing unique cinematic contributions. To give an impression of the range and diversity of the film productions, we show some best practice.

Nunca más

Producers: Farida Abduol Hamid, studying Spanish and English
Lena Rahimi, studying Spanish and English
Caroline Thomitzek, studying Spanish and English

Farida Abduol Hamid, Lena Rahimi and Caroline Thomitzek (particpants of a training course on filmmaking in winter term 2021/2022) address violence against women in Latin America under the impulse-giving keyword „prison“.

Un jour, il y aura ce monde unique

Producer: Mayleen Flentje, studying French and sport science

Mayleen Flentje, as participant of a training course on filmmaking in winter term 2020/21, treats dealing with racism in a self-composed poem, underpinned with impressive images. Sensitively, the viewer is invited to imagine a unique world without racism

Ein Pariser in Kiel vs. eine Kielerin in Paris

Producer: Marina Maslova, studying French and Sports,
Actor: Kristof Hackethal

Marina Maslova participated in a training course on filmmaking in summer term 2019. The course followed the thematic impuls „place“. Her film calls „A Parisian in Kiel versus a Kiel woman in Paris“. Marina Maslova humorously addresses stereotypes in the form of a silent film.

La Ciudad Gris

Producer: Olesya Lemke, studying Spanish and Italian,

Olesya Lemke participated in a training course on filmmaking in winter term 2019/2020. The course followed the thematic impuls „anxiety“ connected to the chair’s project Discursive (De)Construction of Anxiety Culture (DCAC). Her film calls „The grey city“. Inspired by the epoch of romanticism, Olesya has dealt with fears related to urban and rural exodus. According to Olesya, the video is about the insecurity, loneliness and fear of living in a city, which on the one hand is heavily populated, and on the other hand is polluted by the population. The protagonist deliberately retreats to a deserted island, but there again she falls into madness. The question arises where she actually belongs, because she can’t feel comfortable anywhere.

Conflicto interior –
Qué significan los monumentos coloniales hoy ?

Producers: Malina Klatt, studying Philosophy and Spanish
Bente Detlefsen, studying Spanish and English
Andrija Djurkovic, studying Spanish and English

In a group of three, Malina Klatt, Bente Detlefsen and Andrija Djurkovic produced a film about the colonial cityscape as participants of a training course on filmmaking in winter term 2020/2021. The protagonist, a young Erasmus student, invites the audience to take a closer look before traveling to tourist places and taking photos.