Hoinkes, U. & Clausen, K. (Eds.) (in progress). Filmmaking and Transnational Collaboration in teacher training for foreign languages // Filmemachen und transnationale Zusammenarbeit in der Lehramtsausbildung für Fremdsprachen. Peter Lang Verlag.

The planned publication is a network-based and project-experience driven collection of contributions from different countries and disciplines. The focus is on foreign language teaching in French, English and German. However, the publication basically aims at presenting Filmmaking by Students as a concept for the didactics of higher education and to examine it from a theoretical as well as a practical point of view. The transnational and intercultural experience of foreign language teaching is a central component, through which the dimension of ‚internationalization at home‘ is also actively included.

Hoinkes, U. & Clausen, K. (in progress). Getting curious and knowing by transnational collaboration in teacher education. In G. Schwab & M. Oesterle (Eds.). Promoting Professionalism, Innovation and Transnational Collaboration. A new approach to foreign language teacher education.

We describe the study programme developed within the ERASMUS+-project proPIC and discuss to what extent activities for the internationalisation and digitisation of teacher training form a necessary and constructive basis for continuous professional development in teacher education and later teaching profession.

Clausen, K. & Hoinkes, U. (in progress). Filmmaking by students or Rethinking thinking. In G. Schwab & M. Oesterle (Eds.). Promoting Professionalism, Innovation and Transnational Collaboration. A new approach to foreign language teacher education.

On the basis of the Viducation Project we present best practice of filmmaking within the ERASMUS+-project proPIC as an arguement for the introduction of filmmaking by students in teacher education.

Hoinkes, U. (2020). Kompetenzförderung und Wissensvermittlung in studentischen Filmproduktionen als Bestandteil der universitären Lehre in den neueren Philologien. In: T. Heinz et al. (Eds.). Formen der (Re-)Präsentation fachlichen Wissens. Ansätze und Methoden für die Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung in den Fachdidaktiken und den Bildungswissenschaften. Waxmann, pp. 241-258. Online: http://dx.doi.org/10.31244/9783830990208.

Hoinkes presents the approach of filmmaking by students as an innovative learning approach in philological studies that includes competence orientation in knowledge acquisition, digital forms of teaching and learning and a focus on subjective experiences in the field of cultural studies within the philologies.

Clausen, K. et al. (2019): proPIC Interactive Tutorial ‪5‬. Video Production. Available on iTunes: https://books.apple.com/us/book/propic-interactive-tutorial-5/id1525680492?ls=1 [as pdf-file on http://www.propiceuropa.com/io4-interactive-tutorials.html].

This interactive handbook contains information and hands-on activities on video production in the context of language learning and teaching to motivate the reader to produce its own videos. This iBook was created as part of the ERASMUS+ project proPIC in a series called „proPIC Interactive Tutorials“.



Conference „Think Tank for Filmmaking in Higher Education“ The team invites experts, lecturers and students to discuss how film(making) can be implemented in higher education. Researchers from different disciplines present best practice.

Kick-off meeting of German lecturers, 03.03.2021 German lecturers from different Nordic universities discussed possibilties to individually implement the filmmaking approach in their teaching. The group adapts an already created interactive handbook on video production to a general use in German. The members intend to offer their students on the basis of the adapted German handbook to produce short films.
Kick-off meeting of French Lecturers, 15.03.2021

French lecturer from different Nordic universities discuss3d the implementation of the filmmaking approach in a common course in the form of COIL. Due to semester planning, a first implementation would be possible in spring 2022. The intends to conduct a pilote phase in automn 2021.
Kick-off meeting „Get-together Ed-In-Mov“, 08.02.2021 We discussed a possible implementation of an international cooperation in the field of filmmaking in higher education. Two project lines are planned:

1) concentrating on Romances languages

2) opening for foreign language didactics

Workshops on filmmaking

Clausen, K. & Hoinkes, U.: Über Nachhaltigkeit reden, Nachhaltigkeit zeigen, für Nachhaltigkeit begeistern!

BNE-Konferenz Schule macht Zukunft – Impulse für ein nachhaltiges Leben
28.02.2020, Kiel, Germany.

Clausen, K.: Workshop on videomaking within the ERASMUS+-project proPIC. 11.09.2018 and 07.05.2019, Kiel, Germany